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How to join

For Prospective Postdocs

We host postdoctoral researchers under the JSPS fellowship programs. If you are interested, please check our publications and group web pages to see if you would fit in.Please Email to Prof. Kondo (takahiro[at] your CV along with a brief description of your proposed project if you wish to apply to these programs. The project would need to fit within the scope of our interests. You should go through our web site and publications to find them out. In addition, do not forget to describe how the proposal brings together your expertise and our strengths. Finally, and most importantly, the proposal should have strong scientific merits.

As a phD candidates

There are some fellowship programs provided by JSPS or Univ. Tsukuba.
If you are interested in our works, please mail to Prof. Kondo (takahiro[at]


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