The First Official Press Conference

Oct. 13, 2000, University Hall of University of Tsukuba

~photo1.jpg (10616 バイト) ~photo2.jpg (11455 バイト) At 1:50 p.m., Nobel Prize winner Prof. H. Shirakawa appeared by the official car at the entrance of the University Hall with Prof. Kitahara, President of University of Tsukuba.  As soon as the doors are opened, thunderous applause broke up from many people waiting for him there.  He stopped for a while and responded to the people by receiving a bunch of flowers.   (Left; President, right; Prof. Shirakawa)
~photo3.jpg (9147 バイト) ~photo4.jpg (9148 バイト) At the press conference in the conference room of the University Hall.  He is answering questions from journalists.   Some of them are related with serious scientific issues, policies, funding etc., but others are related with his daily life, such as how to spend this weekend.   "Oh!, I go to listen to music since I bought the ticket," he responded.  
~photo5.jpg (8464 バイト) ~photo6.jpg (8135 バイト) Another snapshots of Professor Shirakawa, answering to the journalists. He looked very happy with tireless zeal to speak all the time.

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