Informal Celebration

Oct. 13, 2000, Institute of Materials Science

~photo8.jpg (9733 バイト) ~photo7.jpg (9207 バイト) Informal celebration was held at the Institute of Materials Science after long delay of the press conference.  Prof. Shirakawa is on the left and Prof. Nakao, dean of the Institute of Materials Science, is on the right.  Japanese sentence put on the title board behind them means "Congratulations on wining the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Prof. Shirakawa."
~photo9.jpg (5974 バイト) He gave a speech frankly with cozy atmosphere about the nightmarish night on the 10th of October by noise and flash by journalists surrounding his house whole the night.  He said, "About 10:30 p.m., telephone was ringing.  My wife picked up the phone and soon told me that you got the Nobel Prize.  I wonder whether it is true or not.  It may be a joke, then I replied to him on the phone, I cannot comment any to you until I receive formal information from Sweden and disconnected the phone from the jack."  Then, Prof. Shirakawa said that "I wanted to take a bath but I couldn't.  Because  I was scared in the bathroom by the flash light from the people surrounding my house even after turning off the light of the bathroom.  Fortunately, I could sleep well because our bedroom is at the opposite side of the road where a lot of people were waiting."  He further added that he does not need telephone while he is sleeping, therefore he usually disconnects it.  Because of this, no one could approach him at that night.  It turned out later, this was the real reason why nobody could reach him at that night by telephone even very close friends, faculty members like us, and the university president.


~photo10.jpg (9801 バイト) ~photo11.jpg (8949 バイト) The room is full of people.
~photo12.jpg (6808 バイト) Prof. Shirakawa shakes hands with his student.
~photo13.jpg (10126 バイト) ~photo14.jpg (9410 バイト) Prof. Shirakawa is visiting his labs with the press.

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