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Molecular Self-Assembly

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Molecular Assembly and Optics Laboratory

Energy Harvesting & Transfer

Selected Publications(Full List, Here


Adv. Funct. Mater. 2021, 2103685.

“Photochemically Switchable Interconnected Microcavities for All-organic Optical Logic Gate”

Mater. Horiz. 2020, 7, 1801–1808. [Web]

“Optical microresonator arrays of fluorescence-switchable diarylethenes with unreplicable spectral fingerprints” (Inside Back Cover)

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“Low-Threshold Whispering Gallery Mode Lasing from Self-Assembled Microspheres of Single-Sort Conjugated Polymers” (Inside Cover)

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“Conjugated Polymer Blend Microspheres for Efficient, Long-Range Light Energy Transfer”

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“Self-Assembled Conjugated Polymer Spheres as Fluorescent Microresonators”


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“Peptide Cross-linkers: Immobilization of Platinum Nanoparticles Highly Dispersed on Graphene Oxide Nanosheets with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activities”

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“Color-Tunable Resonant Photoluminescence and Cavity-Mediated Multistep Energy Transfer Cascade”


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“A fluorescent microporous crystalline dendrimer discriminates vapour molecules”


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“From Linear to Foldamer and Assembly: Hierarchical Transformation of a Coplanar Conjugated Polymer into a Microsphere”

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“Photoconductive Coaxial Nanotubes of Molecularly Connected Electron Donor and Acceptor Layers”

Laboratory tour to Nagatoro river(2019.4.27)

Congratulation on graduation!


Congratulation on graduation!


Congratulation on graduation!


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