Updated on June 30, 2014
2nd announcement
November 28-30, 2014, El-Mouradi Hotel, Gammarth, Tunisia
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About TJS2014 / Greetings
The Tunisia-Japan Symposium, being held in Tunisia from November 28 to December 1, 2014, has been planned to stimulate scientific and industrial activities in the North African countries and Japan. This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to learn and discuss about the latest research results and technological developments in the field of Energy, Material, Energy Saving and Sustainability, and Environment. Researchers not only from North Africa and Japan but also other countries are cordially invited to participate at the symposium.
Second circular (in English) (available on June 30)
Second circular (in Japanese) (available on June 30)
Flyer of TJS2014.pdf (by Tunisia side)
Some more information is available in the TJS2014 Tunisia website.
Call for Papers / Abstract submission
Please use the MS-Word format (.doc). The deadline of the 2-page extended abstract is August 30. For Japanese-side participants, please submit the abstract to tjsymposium2014@gmail.com
Please put your name in a file to submit as “Abstract_Given name Surname.doc”
e.g. Abstract_Taro Tanaka.doc
Abstract_Format_TJS 2014.doc
The symposium covers following topics:
Energy Materials
• Solar Energy
Solar cells
Solar thermal
Energy efficiency
Materials for Energy

• Biomass, hydrogen and wind energy
Biomass and bio-fuels
Wind energy
Hydrogen energy
Fuel cells

Policies for Sustainable Development

• Energy systems and applications
Energy transport
Smart grids
• Development of new materials
Rare earth materials
Ceramic and glass materials
Metallurgical materials
Membrane materials

• Nanostructured materials
Nanostructured materials
Hybrid materials and functionalisation
Biomaterials and sensors
Magnetic and optical materials

Natural materials
Silica andsilicious sand
Brine processing
Clay and zeolithes
Carbonate and sulfate materials

• Environment/ Polymers/Composites
Polymers and nanocomposites
Cement based materials
Materials for catalysis and separation
Materials for wastewater treatment
Keynote and Invited speakers
Available soon.
Important dates (tentative)
May, 2014 First call of the Symposium
June, 2014 Second call of the Symposium (call for paper)
July 30, 2014 Deadline of the Registration
August 30,2014 Deadline of the 2-page extended abstract:
September 15, 2014 Notification of the acceptance
November 20, 2014 Submission of full paper (Reviewed during the symposium)
Scientific Program (tentative)
1st draft (available on June 5, to be updated)
Publication (tentative)
Selected papers will be published (after peer reviewing) in "IOP Journal of Physics Conference Series" and "Journal de la Société Chimique de Tunisie." Detail will be available soon.
About your presentation
Oral presentation:
Plenary lecture 40 min / Keynote talk 30 min / Contribution talk 20 min, including discussion.
Poster presentation:
Poster size A0 (841x1189 mm). Scheduled on Nov. 29 afternoon (tentatively 15:30-17:00)
Registration for Japanese-side participants
Please register with the following registration form via E-mail. tjsymposium2014@gmail.com
The deadline is
July 30. The registration will be completed by sending reply mail to you from the secretary bureau. If you have any questions, please contact to us. See more detail in the 2nd circular.
General participants 350 TND (Tunisian Dinar) Single room
Students 250 TND (Tunisian Dinar) Twin room will be shared
*Payment should be made by cash at the Symposium venue on the day.
Registration Form_TJS 2014.xlsx
Venue and Access
El-Mouradi Hotel, Gammarth, Tunisia
La Marsa , BP 597-2070, Gammarth, Tunisia
Tel: : (+216) 71 27 43 00
Fax : (+216) 71 27 42 00
Web : www.elmouradi.com
Email : res.gammarth@elmouradi.com; info.gammarth@elmouradi.com
Standard Schedule (example) for Japanese-side general participants (tentative)
Thursday November 27, 2014
21:20 Departute from Narita, Japan (EK319), or
22:30 Departute from Narita, Japan (QR807)
Friday, November 28, 2014
12:55 Arrival in Tunis, Tunisia (EK747), or
13:45 Arrival in Tunis, Tunisia (QR1399)
Transpotation by bus, supported by the Symposium
16:30 Opening Ceremony
17:40 Plenary Lectures
19:30 Reception
Saturday, November 29, 2014
08:30 Keynote talks (Parallel sessions)
09:00 Oral sessions 1,2 (15 min presentation + 5 min discussion for each contribution paper)
12:30 Photo session
12:40 Lunch and Poster session
14:00 Oral sessions 3,4
19:00 Conference Dinner (-21:00)
Sunday, November 30, 2014
08:30 Oral sessions 5
11:40 Closing session
12:30 Borj Cedria Science Park Study tour (including Lunch)
Monday, December 1, 2014
08:30 Short cultural visit (Carthage)
14:30 Departute from Tunis, Tunisia (EK7489), or
15:00 Departute from Tunis, Tunisia (QR1400)
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
16:55 Arrival in Narita, Japan (QR806), or
17:20 Arrival in Narita, Japan (EK318)
Research and Technology Centre of Energy, Borj Cedria (CRTEn)
National Research Centre of Materials Sciences, Borj Cedria (CNRSM)
Alliance for Research on North Africa, University of Tsukuba (ARENA)
Graduate school of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Organizing Committee
Tunisia-side Japanese-side
Symposium chair

Brahim Bessaïs

Professor, Director General, Research and Technology Centre of Energy, Borj-Cedria Ecopark
Symposium chair

Akimoto Katsuhiro
Professor, ARENA,
Univ. Tsukuba

Halim Hammi

Yoshikazu Suzuki
Associate Professor,
ARENA, Univ. Tsukuba

Mohamed Mehdi Bessam

Islam M. Monirul
Assistant Professor, ARENA, Univ. Tsukuba
Neji Besbes (CNRSM)
Amel Dakhlaoui Omrani (CNRSM)
Mohamed Kefi (CERTE)
Olfa Oukhai  (CRTEn)
Borhen Jbebli (CRTRn)
Mohamed Triki (CNRSM)
Zied Kbaier (CRTEn)
Aida Draghouth (CRTEn)
Mohamed Trabelsi (CRTEn)
Sadok Sabri (CNRSM)
Mohamed Hicheri (SGTBC)
Mohamed Barbouche (CRTEn)
Hiroko Isoda (Univ.Tsukuba)
Mitsutoshi Nakajima(Univ.Tsukuba)
Hideomi Koinuma (Univ.Tsukuba)
Mitsuteru Irie (Univ.Tsukuba)
Tamaki W. Kitagawa (Univ.Tsukuba)
Akihiko Yahata (Univ.Tsukuba)
Kenji Itaka (Univ. Hirosaki)
Masatomo Sumiya (NIMS)
Masayoshi Fuji (Nagoya Ins. Tech.)
Takeshi Toshima (Univ. Toyama)
Takao Mori (NIMS)
Ashraful Islam (NIMS)
Scientific committee
Tunisia-side Japanese-side
Brahim Bessaïs (CRTEn)
AmenAllah Guizani ( CRTEn)
Mongi Bouaicha (CRTEn)
Radhouane Chtourou (CRTEn)
Jamel Belhadj (ENSIT)
Anis Sellami (ENSIT)
Mohamed Mehdi Bessam (CRTEn)
Bechir Rezgui ( CRTEn)
Aida Ben Hassen Trabelsi (CRTEn)
Mouldi Kardous (CRTEn)
Katsuhiro Akimoto (Univ.Tsukuba)
Hideomi Koinuma (Univ.Tsukuba)
Yoshikazu Suzuki (Univ.Tsukuba)
Kenji Itaka (Univ. Hirosaki)
Mitsuteru Irie (Univ.Tsukuba)
Masatomo Sumiya (NIMS)
Ferid Mokhtar (CNRSM)
Adel Mnif (CNRSM)
Fakher Jamoussi (CNRSM)
Ezzeddine Srasra (CNRSM)
Neji Besbes (CNRSM)
Ahmed Hichem Hamzaoui (CNRSM)
Hafedh Kochkar (CNRSM)
Amel Dakhlaoui Omrani (CNRSM)
Karima Horchani Naifer (CNRSM)
Atef Korchef (CNRSM)
Mitsutoshi Nakajima (Univ.Tsukuba)
Masayoshi Fuji (Nagoya Ins. Tech.)
M. Monirul Islam (Univ.Tsukuba)
Takao Mori (NIMS)
Ashraful Islam (NIMS)
Supporting organizations
Contact us / お問い合わせ先
TJS 2014 日本側事務局 (筑波大学北アフリカ研究センター内)
TJS 2014 Secretary Bureau Japan Side (c/o ARENA, University of Tsukuba)
Tel: 81-(0)29-853-3982  Fax: 81-(0)29-853-5776
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