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Tsukuba International Conference on Materials Science (TICMS)

-Summer School on Biomaterials Science-

August 29(Thu) – 30(Fri), 2013
University Hall →Room #110, Laboratory of Advanced Research B
(The Venue has been Changed)
University of Tsukuba

Chairperson: Yukio Nagasaki

Call for Poster Presentation, Abstract Submission Deadline is July 31, 2013
The Deadline is postponed → August 15, 2013
Registration Fees are free for all participants
Excursion Tour (30(Fri) - 31(Sat)): 15,000 JPY

For Poster presenter (New)

841 mm (width) × 1189 mm (height) (A0 size) is recommended. The board width is 900 mm. Please mount your poster on the board before 15:00, August 29th. Please remove the poster at the end of the poster session (August 30th, 14:20). The poster boards will be removed after the poster session.

Obligation time for the presentation is as follows.
<August 29th>
Odd poster number: 17:00 ~ 18:00
Even poster number: 18:00 ~ 19:00
<August 30th>
Odd poster number: 13:10 ~ 13:45
Even poster number: 13:45 ~ 14:20


There is an ever increasing demand on the development of new innovative materials, not only as part of the industrial infrastructure, but also to drive forth the advancement of the scientific and technological front. Especially, field of biomaterials science is progressing steady and spreading versatile directions. In order to improve basic biomaterials science and its frontier, TIMCS - Summer School of Biomaterials Science-, which will be held in University of Tsukuba in Tsukuba is organized. This school is consist of two parts: 1) educational course of fundamental biomaterials science, and 2) minisymposium on advanced bionanomaterials science. Five educational lectures and 8 advanced lectures are scheduled. Poster presentations will be programmed.

Program *tentaive

August 29 (Thu) Educational Lecture
EL1: Masaru Tanaka, JPN Biocompatible Polymers
EL2: Takao Aoyagi, JPN Stimuli-sensitive Polymers
EL3: Shin-ichi Yusa, JPN, Block Copolymers
EL4: Doo Sung Lee, Korea Hydrogel
EL5: David W. Grainger, U.S.A. Preparation of Good Manuscript
Poster Session & Welcome Party

 August 30(Fri) Scientific Session
KPL1: David W. Grainger, U.S.A.
PL1: Takao Aoyagi, JPN
PL2: Masahiko Taniguchi, JPN
PL3: Masaru Tanaka, JPN
Lancheon Seminar by Nissan Chemical
Poster Session
PL4: Shin-ichi Yusa, JPN
PL5: Doo Sung Lee, Korea
PL6: Yutaka Ikeda, JPN
KPL2:Teruo Okano, JPN
Excursion Tour


Luncheon Seminar
Date: August 30 (12:10-13:10)
Venue: Room #110, Laboratory of Advanced Research B
Lecturer: Prof. Mathis Riehle (U. of Glasgow, UK)
Supported by

Access to University of Tsukuba

You can get to University of Tsukuba by bus from Tsukuba center to the venue.

Take a bus bound for "Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo" or the "University Loop-line On-campus Bus
[Tsukuba Daigaku Junkan Bus]" Deboard at: "Dai-Ichi Area Mae"

Laboratory of Advanced Research B

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For poster application, Send e-mail to "" with the following information.

Important Dates: Deadline for the Abstract Submission of Poster presentation is August 15, 2013

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