Kondo Laboratory
Department of Materials Science,
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
University of Tsukuba
1-1-1, Tennodai,Tsukuba
Ibaraki, 305-8573, Japan

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 Our laboratory belongs to University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Department of Materials Science and Tsukuba Research Center for Energy Materials Science (TREMS) :
Catalyst Surface Science Group
 Our laboratory also belongs to Materials Research Center for Element Strategy, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

 We are studying "surface physics and chemistry at atomic scale", "surface reaction dynamics", and "new two-dimensional materials such as boron containing sheets".

We create new materials, technologies, sciences, and concepts to solve energy, environment and resource problems.

 2020/1/9  Prof. Kondo got a Best Poster Award 2020 in
       "1st International Symposium Hydrogenomics / 14th International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy"

 2019/12/29 Mr. Hikita got a student prize for his poster presentation in "Surface Interface Spectroscopy 2019".

 2019/12/10 Our new paper has been published in Chem:
       Chem 6 (2020) now online publication.
       Press release: Univ. Tsukuba, NIMS, Tokyo Tech., JASRI, SPring8, ISSP, Univ. Tokyo

 2019/10/25 Our new paper has been published in Nature Communications:
       Nature Communications 10 (2019) 4880.
       Press release: Univ. TsukubaTokyo. Tech.ISSP, Univ. TokyoKochi University of Technology

 2019/9/22-27 Prof. Kondo, Mr. Ishibiki, and Mr. Goto have attended to the international conference of
       20th International Symposium on Boron, Borides and Related Materials (ISBB 2019)

 2019/6/25 Our new paper has been published in Nature Chemistry:
       Nature Chemistry 11 (2019) 722-729.
       Press release: Univ. Tsukuba, Osaka Univ.

 2019/6/24-27 Prof. Kondo and Mr. Ishibiki have attended to the international conference of
       Euroboron8 which was held at Montpellier in France

 2019/4/10 New research projects are started. One of them is
       (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan)

 2019/4/4  New students joined as lab members!

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